Products & Services

Our core businesses focus are on Electronic Assemblies (Sub Assemblies) and Plastic Injection Moulding industries. These 2 are the core whereas it will be divided into few others division as well, such as Customized Electronic Assemblies, and etc.

Final Electronic Products Assemblies and Sub Assemblies

Our products are manufactured by Auto Soldering PCB machines. These machines will help our quality-well educated workforce to manufacture high quality products to meet customer's requirements. Our services also include the cutting processes and pressing processes.

Precision Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic moulding is one of our major core business, where we have 25 machines for it with different clamping forces and different models. We have all together 17 models. The clamping forces of our machines range between 50 to 260 tons with varies of brands as well. With these resources and quality workforces, we could manufacture any kinds of plastic or micro - plastic with any measurement.

Custom Electronic Assembly

We specialize in servicing electronic products and assemblies to accomodate customer's requirements. Our design and manufacture department work closely with customers in order to understand their needs and ensure that the production will go smoothtly and delivered punctually.

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